Residential Pest Control

Whether you are experiencing a pest problem inside of your home or on your lawn, we can help. Having a pest problem at your house is a big nuisance. They can spread diseases, bite you and we’ve itchy red bumps, and ultimately just be gross to have around.

Fortunately, Philadelphia pest professionals can help you eliminate an exterminate any pest you may be dealing with. We have a different approach to Pest Control that’s customer-centered and education-based.

We give you tips and advice on how to control the pest to keep them away permanently, create a customized plan to keep your house pest free forever, and always deliver prompt and Professional Service.

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Our approach to residential pest control

At Philadelphia pest professionals, we have a different approach to Pest Control. First and foremost, we offer up front pricing and give free, instant quotes over the phone. If you approve our quote and decide to move forward, we send a professional service tech out to your house to perform the inspection.

Your service technician will perform an inspection of your home to determine the types of pests you are dealing with as well as how they are entering your home. From there, your technician will advise on the proper means of extermination. Then Implement those means and put measures in place to prevent the recurrence of the problem.

He will also help to educate you on what brought the pest into your home, what’s keeping them there, and give you tips on how to prevent them from coming back. He’ll also create a customized year-round Pest Control plan specifically for your home. If you choose to use us and the plan you have, we’ll service your home in regular intervals and keep the pests away permanently.

Each of our Pest Control technicians are highly trained, extremely familiar with the landscape and pests in Philadelphia, licensed, insured, and always professional.

Pest control Solutions

We offer a variety of residential Pest Control Solutions. whether you need an indoor treatment, perimeter treatment or lawn treatment, we have you covered. Read below for an in-depth look at each.

Perimeter treatments

A perimeter treatment is exactly what it sounds like. We treat the perimeter of your home to form an invisible barrier that keeps pests of all types out of your home. You may think that a perimeter treatment is not needed, however, most of the pests that you have in your house began outside. They may have hitched a ride on your clothing or, more often than not, they discovered a crack in your wall or under your door that they simply walked through. With our perimeter treatments, we treat the exterior of your home including spraying around the base of all walls and overhangs which reduces the need for interior extermination services.

Interior pest control

With our interior Pest Control packages, your Pest Control technician performed a thorough inspection of your home to identify which Critters you are dealing with as well as where they are entering. From there he or she will discuss the different treatment options available and fully exterminate all of the pests inside of your house.

Our interior Pest Control Solutions may use insecticides, repellents, traps, and Bates 2 effectively remove the problem. they will then put measures in place to help prevent the pests from coming back as well as create a customized plan to keep them away permanently.

Lawn treatments

As we said before, many of the pests that exist in your home began outside in your lawn. Our lawn treatments are tailored to your specific pest problem and needs as well as the size of your yard. They help prevent pests of All Kinds including mosquitoes, wasps, fleas, ticks, spiders, and more.

Year round pest control

You may think you don’t need year-round Pest Control because Philadelphia has very cold Winters. However, year-round Pest Control is the best way to keep your home safe and free from pests and rodents.

In the summer, we are often dealing with cockroaches, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other common insects that can be a nuisance and spread diseases. They often make their home in your yard and work their way into your home resulting in the need for interior treatments.

In the winter, we don’t deal with those same pests necessarily. But we do deal with rodents like mice and rats. In the winter these animals are seeking warm shelter and will make their way into your basement, attics, and walls. Rodents are especially harmful because they not only spread serious diseases, but they often chew through wires within your walls creating potential fire hazards. Rodents can also transport fleas and ticks into your home which Camden proliferate and compound the problem.

if you are living with a pest control problem of any type, give us a call now for a free instant quote over the phone.

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