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About Philadelphia Pest Pros

At Philadelphia Pest Pros we take pest control very seriously. We have been serving Philadelphia and surrounding areas now for many years and take pride in our city. Unfortunately, Philadelphia is riddled with pests in all shapes and sizes. in the winter, we have mice and rodents working their way into our houses. And in the summer, we have mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and every other pest you can imagine.

Fortunately, we specialize in removing and exterminating pests of all types. Whether you’re having problems at your home, apartment, condo, or business, we offer fast service and free instant quotes over the phone.

We take pride in what we do and always take our time on your home or business. We offered green pest solutions which are child and pet-friendly as well as a variety of other Solutions to effectively exterminate any pest.

We strive to be your friendly neighborhood exterminator. so even though Philadelphia is a very large town, you always get a friendly conversation from us. Our technicians arrive on time, are always dress professionally, and work very hard to exceed your expectations.

Give us a call now for a free instant quote over the phone.

Residential pest control & exterminator

Are you suffering from a pest problem at your house? At Philadelphia pest Pro, we keep your home protected through every season. We can send a licensed, insured, and highly trained technician out the same day in many cases to perform a thorough inspection. Your technician will fully inspect your property to identify the type of pest, where they are nesting, how they are entering your home, and the best methods for Exterminating them.

With a residential pest service, we exterminate any existing pests and design a customized plan to keep your home bug-free moving forward. If you currently have a pest problem or you want to get in front of potential pest problems, give us a call now for a free quote.

Commercial pest control & exterminator

With a commercial pest control solution, we can completely exterminate all types of pests or rodents and keep them gone for good. As you already know, having a pest problem in your place of business can do irreparable damage to your company’s reputation. It’s a shame to let it get to that point when it’s so easy to get in front of the problem.

In Philadelphia, we often treat restaurants, hotels, schools, offices, warehouses, property management companies, all commercial spaces, and businesses of every size.  Our technicians are highly trained, fully insured, and certified improper Pest Control regimen. We take pride in a job well done and strive to exceed expectations every time. Fortunately, we can perform inspections, ongoing extermination, and pest control services of every kind. If your business needs commercial pest control services, give us a call now for a free quote.

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Pest Control Services

Below are a few of the more common pests that we deal with in Philadelphia. If you need immediate assistance or want an instant quote over the phone, give us a call:

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Rodents (Rats & Mice)

If you have found yourself dealing with a rodent problem, then you know what a nuisance they can be. Maybe you hear scurrying in your walls basement or attic, or maybe you’ve seen their droppings around your home. Either way, it’s important to get this problem under control as quickly as possible. Rodents will form nests within your walls making them very hard to remove which can then turn into ongoing removal services that won’t be necessary if you take control of the situation right away.

Rats and mice like to enter your home during the cold months because they are seeking warmth. However, they will also seek residence in your house during the warmer months because your house offers them food and protection.

Rodents like rats and mice  are drawn to the same food that we humans  eat and they’re known for transporting diseases and bacteria. This can be a problem because they will contaminate food sources that you or your family may then ingest which can result in serious and possibly fatal illness. Additionally, rodents can chew through wires within your walls which creates fire hazards since they leave live wires exposed and oftentimes you won’t know about it until it’s too late.

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In Philadelphia, cockroaches are everywhere –  But that doesn’t mean they have to be in your house. If you’ve ever open the cabinet and found a roach crawling in your dinner plate, then you know just how disgusting it can be to have a roach infestation. Fortunately, we offer fulex termination packages for roaches. We send a trained technician out to your home or office to perform the inspection. They will identify where the roaches are nesting and how they’re entering your home. From there they will exterminate the roaches and put measures in place to keep them out of your home or office permanently.

Your technician will also offer guidance and tips for decreasing the risk of cockroach infestation. This includes identifying What attracted the roaches to your location in the first place as well as what’s keeping them there. Once the problem has been addressed, your pest control specialist will create a customized plan to permanently keep the roaches away.

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We deal with a wide variety of ants in Philadelphia. from the mostly harmless food seeking ants all the way to the extra large biting and stinging ants. Unfortunately they can also be very hard to get rid of because each variety of ant  has its own special characteristics. This means they don’t all Nest the same way, they’re not all attracted to the same food sources, and they’re not all active during the same season. Additionally, answer very small meaning they can enter your house through a variety of ways including:

  • Cracks under doors
  • Cracks in walls
  • Windows that aren’t fully sealed
  • Through baseboard cracks
  • Any small place an ant could squeeze through

Since Aunt can enter your home through all of these different ways, it can make it especially difficult to identify exactly how they’re getting into your house. They could be coming through a single location such as under a door, or entering through multiple locations including ones that may not be obvious such as behind baseboards. Fortunately, if you have found yourself in a situation where you’re dealing with ants you can give us a call. We’ll send a trained technician out to inspect and locate where the ant problem is coming from. They’ll perform a full extermination of the ants, offer tips and advice for preventing recurrence,  and create a customized pest control plan to keep the ants away permanently.

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Wasps & stinging insects

Stinging and biting insects like wasps can be a huge nuisance to have in your yard and around your home. They are especially problematic if you enjoy working outside or you have children that enjoy playing outside because, let’s face it, those bites really hurt. Fortunately, getting rid of wasps and other stinging insects is relatively easy for a trained Philadelphia Pest Control specialist.

If you have wasp nests or other stinging insects in and around your yard, go ahead and give us a call now. We can give you an instant quote over the phone and send a technician out the same day in many cases.  Your technician will locate the nest, removed and asked, and put measures in place to ensure that they do not return.

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Spiders are especially scary creatures for most of us. Even if they’re not poisonous, we still don’t like having them around are home or office. If they are poisonous, it’s especially problematic because toxic spiders can inflict serious damage on humans.

While there are some species of spiders that are good to have outside of your house or office because they eat other insects, we still never want them indoors. If you are noticing spider webs inside of your home or business, it’s important to give us a call to have an inspection performed.

Spiders like to form Webb’s just outside of your doors where your porch lights because the lights attract insects that spiders feed on. From there it’s a very short journey into your home and once they’re in your house, they can reproduce very quickly leading to an infestation. It can be a challenge to exterminate spiders so you will want to use a professional pest control company. fortunately, our spider extermination services are affordable for most homeowners so give us a call now for a free instant quote over the phone.

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Bed bugs exterminator

Ever since DDT was banned in the 1970s, bed bugs have made a huge comeback. Exterminating bed bugs is especially challenging because they are resistant to pretty much everything you can buy at the hardware store and their temperature resistance unless the temperatures are extreme.

Additionally, bedbugs are very small, reproduce quickly, and they can hide almost anywhere in your home. Many people think that bed bugs are a sign of being dirty or living in an unclean way but nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that bed bugs can be picked up almost anywhere. You can get them when traveling from plane and train seats, from hotels, even outside when you’re walking around. Unfortunately, once they’re in your home they’re very very hard to get rid of and will require a professional extermination service. Fortunately we are well-equipped to eliminate bed bugs and we do this all the time. If you’re dealing with bed bugs in Philadelphia or the surrounding areas, give us a call for a free quote.

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I mean notice your pets have been scratching a little more than usual? This is often the first indicator of fleas. If you’re seeing fleas on your pets or around your house, it’s important to get this issue dealt with quickly. Since fleas like to feed on the blood of mammals, it is possible for them to transmit diseases. And while transmitting diseases is rare, they still leave itchy red bites on your body which is no fun. And of course, once please make it into your home, they can reproduce and turn into a large infestation very quickly. Once you reach the point of having a full flea infestation, it can become very hard to treat them and effectively exterminate them.

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Ticks are tiny little bugs that like to feed on the blood of humans and pets. They can be picked up anywhere and easily transferred into your yard or even your house.  the hardest part about text is that they can transmit very serious diseases including Lyme disease which is a lifelong illness that never goes away. If you’ve seen ticks in or around your house, or on your pets or yourself, give us a call right away. We will send a technician out to perform an inspection and exterminate the ticks.

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Termites can inflict serious damage on your home or office. In Philadelphia, the most common termites we deal with our subterranean termites. This breed of termite lives underground and make their way into your home through an elaborate series of tunnels that go under your walls and lead to any wood that is in contact with the Earth. One of the toughest parts about termites is that they can often go up to 2 years before there are any noticeable signs around your home. Signs of termites include mud tubes, wings, or actual termites, this can mean they’ve been present for quite a while.

If you’re seeing these signs, or you need an inspection, give us a call right away. Our termite control treatments are guaranteed and come with a standard 5 year warranty.

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It’s never fun when you are trying to enjoy a glass of wine in your backyard and being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are especially problematic in warm-weather following the rainy season because there is often puddles and stagnant water where they can breed. They bite you, leave big itchy red bumps and they can spread diseases.

If you’re dealing with a mosquito problem, give us a call and we’ll send a technician out. They’ll perform an inspection to locate the mosquitoes breeding ground, treat the area, and put measures in place to prevent the recurrence of mosquitoes.

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Lawn treatments

We protect your home both inside and outside. It’s important to keep your Outdoors as pest-free as possible because they can easily make their way into your home. Whether it’s fleas and ticks hitching a ride on your pets, spiders next to your porch lights, or any other pest living in your back or front yard we can help. Give us a call for a free quote instantly over the phone. We will tell you what it’s going to take to keep your lawn under control all year.

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